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Avigilon Alta (Openpath) Installer In Sacramento: Securing The Path For Tomorrow

Avigilon Alta is a flexible yet robust access control system designed with the end user in mind. Card access systems can range from a single entry point to a multi-door system spread throughout campuses worldwide. Create custom schedules, groups, and alerts in a few simple steps. Avigilon Alta has built this system to be user-friendly and packed full of features.  Real-time stats let you know what is happening in your building, locally or globally. Running on a Triple-Unlock technology, you can use a touch-free option, fob, mobile phone, or key card to gain access.Avigilon Alta pairs well with multi-family, hospitality, commercial, industrial and retail.  

Cloud-based software adds an affordable option for any size business. We can update your existing system using existing readers or design a new custom access control solution to fit your business’s needs. CCI is a Avigilon Alta certified installer serving the Sacramento and surrounding area. 


Manage Anytime, Anywhere.

Avigilon Alta is a top-rated cloud-based access control system. They have won several awards over the last few years. Offer affordability, reliability, and unmatched customer service. 24/7 support allows you to monitor and perform remote diagnostics anytime, anywhere. 

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Cellular, Bluetooth, Wifi.

Avigilon Alta is a leading cloud-based access control system that uses Triple-Unlock technology to send simultaneous signals over Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular. Which brings the fastest and most reliable access control solution to your fingertips.

Openpath Video Reader For Physical and virtual security


Both Physical & Virtual Security.

Building access is a critical component when providing a safe workplace for employees. Avigilon Alta uses multi-factor and biometric authentication to allow access to buildings or designated areas. Offer one-time passwords or instant credential cancellation.

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Get the top-rated and easy-to-use Avigilon Alta app for Android and Apple devices.  The mobile app gives you the flexibility to open doors with the wave of a hand or use your mobile phone.  Create a custom digital badge that showcases your company logo and colors. 

You can also send guest passes to friends or family right from the app itself. Set a start date and time and an end date and time and your guest or delivery driver can now gain access to your building or office. The guest pass is perfect for tenants that want to invite guests into a secure area or building.  

Unlock doors from anywhere when you have an internet connection. No more VPN, just open, and unlock!