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Best Devices To Control Home Automation With Ease

If you can invest your money in the best devices to control home automation, you will receive paramount assistance in making your life easy. However, purchasing that device is an overwhelming job.

That’s because you can find numerous innovative products, which are released to the market under different brands. It is important for you to have a clear understanding of the different devices so that you will be able to pick the best one.

Here are some of the most popular and innovative devices that are available for home automation. You need to go through them in detail and make sure that you purchase the ideal product.

1) Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the most prominent home automation devices available out there. It is powered up with an Alexa voice assistant. When combined, Amazon Echo can deliver a variety of benefits to you by getting your day-to-day work done at home.

One of the exciting features that you can find in Amazon Echo is that it has the ability to work as a standalone device. You just need to set it up and it will keep on delivering assistance to you with day-to-day tasks. For example, it can help you to set up alarms in the morning. Or else, you can make calls directly from Amazon Echo or play music with it. If you have a quick question and if you need an answer for it, you can easily ask Alexa. For example, if you want to know how the weather would be tomorrow, you can simply ask Alexa and it will help you with getting the job done.

When you are purchasing Amazon Echo, you need to understand that numerous variations of the device are available. It is important to have a clear understanding of the differences that exist between these variations. Then you can spend your money and settle down with the ideal product to suit your needs.

Pros of Amazon Echo

  • You can use it as a standalone device.
  • It is compatible with numerous other smart devices you use around the home.
  • You can easily set it up

Cons of Amazon Echo

  • It will take a few days for you to push an update into the device.


2) Google Home

Google Home is the device for home automation offered by Google. It comes along with some powerful features, which are designed to make life easy for you. Voice controlling is available in Google Home through Google Assistant. Hence, you will be able to control it through voice commands. However, the visual interface offered by Google Home has received lots of positive attention.

You can configure Google Home as the centralized home automation hub. Then you will be able to connect with numerous smart devices that you have around the home and take control over them. In other words, you can easily take control of security, heating, lighting, and many other smart end devices that you have at home.

While you are using Google Home, you have the freedom to access some of the most powerful features available with Google, including web search. In addition to that, you can get a helpful 7” screen, which will assist you with getting your work done around the home in a convenient manner.

Pros of Google Home

  • You can get a visual interface
  • You can directly access Google services with it
  • It offers compatibility to a large number of devices

Cons of Google Home

  • Speaker is not the loudest.


3) Samsung Smart Things

Samsung Smart Things is the home automation hub offered to the market by Samsung. You will be able to get a dedicated mobile app along with this hub. Hence, you will be able to take control of it via the mobile app. There are numerous end devices, which you can connect with Samsung Smart Things as well.

One of the best features of Samsung Smart Things is that it has been designed to work along with third-party smart devices. You can receive an in-built battery in this device. Hence, it can keep on working, even if there is a power failure. If you have a lot of different devices that you need to connect and create a home automation system, Samsung Smart Things will be a good choice available to consider.

Pros of Samsung Smart Things

  • You can connect with numerous end devices through Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols
  • There is an in-built battery
  • You can control it through the dedicated mobile app

Cons of Samsung Smart Things

  • The user interface is not the friendliest.


4) Apple Homekit

If you are using Apple devices, which are powered up with macOS or iOS, you should think about getting your hands on Apple Homekit. Then you can easily connect the devices and control them. This will be enabled to you with the voice assistant, Siri.

Apple Homekit is not a new device for home automation. It has existed out there for quite some time but started receiving attention in the recent past. The user interface offered by this device is not the friendliest. For example, you will have to pair compatible devices by manually scanning printed codes.

There are some exciting end devices available for you to get and use along with Apple Homekit. They include cameras, sensors, thermostats, lighting products, and audio/video systems. You can purchase them accordingly and enjoy the experience offered out of Apple Homekit.

Pros of Apple Homekit

  • You can get excellent hardware support
  • A large number of smart devices are available to pair
  • You can take better control over customizations

Cons of Apple Homekit

  • You will only be limited to Apple products

Final words

Now you have a clear overview of 4 of the most prominent devices used for home automation.  If you feel stuck, reach out to us and let us deliver that theatre experience right in your home. Or give us a call at (916)-606-3550 Or Email We would be happy to answer any questions!