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Best Home Theater Amplifier

Best Home Theater Amplifier

It used to be so easy to set up a blazing loud, crispy clear sound system a decade or so ago. Now that everything is all digital with new audio technologies and formats cropping up all over, even dedicated audiophiles can find themselves out of depth.

That’s where you get to call us. Setting up your home theatre system is going to need some serious power, and what better way to do that than by using dedicated amplifiers? Here is our take on the best amplifiers for your home theater system in 2020.


Everyone who enjoys sublime sound knows the Denon name, so it’s not a surprise that we think the company takes the cake here.

1.    Denon-AVR-X6700H

The latest Denon flagship announced in June 2020, the Denon-AVR-X6700H is the best AV receiver ever from the company. It features 13.2 amplification with 11 powered channels and preamp, reaching up to 205W per channel!

With DTS:X technology and all the other bells and whistles you expect for a $2,000+ receiver, this is definitely top of the line. Did I mention it has 8K HDMI 2.1 ports? Definitely one to future-proof your home theatre system.


2.    Yamaha RX-A3080

The Yamaha RX-A3080 is a relic from the past, literally, in that it is an upgrade of the flagship A3050 with the same aesthetics. Under the hood is a seriously powerful set of 9.1 channel amplifiers with 11.2 decoding and pre-outs.

That being said, this is definitely a high-end option costing around $3,500. You also get 4K video at 60p, Dolby Vision, and HLG passthrough along with a whole lot of other hi-tech bits.

With Yamaha’s famed build quality, you will relish the sound of this beast for years. At least, until you start looking for 8K.


3.    URC DMS-1200 – Whole Home Audio Amp

For true audiophiles, nothing does it better than a standalone amplifier. The DMS-1200 is a powerful multi-zone network amplifier, which means that you can use it to power speakers in different parts of your home independently. It supports up to 8 zones and supplies up to 50W of power for each zone.

It also features 4 analog-to-digital inputs that let you plug in older technology such as record players, a truly retro touch.

However, it is also an inherently modern amp with streaming capabilities and supports Napster, Pandora, Sirius, and even internet radio thanks to an ethernet connection. It also allows you to broadcast music from your iPhone or iPod. All in all, the best thing about the DMS-1200 is that it is fully customizable, expandable to support up to 32 zones, and is priced very competitively.


4.    Pioneer VSX-LX503

This beast from 2018 is a testimony to Pioneer’s prowess and legacy in making world-class sound equipment. The VSX-LX503 is a 9.2 Channel configuration AV receiver, with 9 powered channels each receiving a respectable 120W per channel. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats, which allow either 7:2:2 or 5:1:4 setups.

As far as usage is concerned, this is primarily a movie/gaming system although it also performs great for music. For the more discerning audiophile, it is possible to add an external amp and convert it into a true boomer 11.2 system.

With 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, you have 4K and HDR support as well as Dolby Vision support. You also get five stereo audio inputs and two composite video outputs, which is the long way of saying it has all the ports you need for any configuration.


Let’s Set Up Your Dream Home Theatre System

It’s not easy to set up a system your neighbors will be jealous of all on your own. For systems like the URC DTS, the manufacturer specifically insists you have a programmer do it for you – that’s us.

At Connected Communications, we are veritable experts at setting up surround sound in any configuration. If you feel stuck, reach out to us and let us deliver that theatre experience right in your home. Or give us a call at (916)-606-3550 Or Email We would be happy to answer any questions! 


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