Next Generation Cloud Camera System for Enterprise Security

Verkada Cloud Camera Installer Sacramento

In the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise security, the adoption of cloud-based cameras stands out as a pivotal advancement. These sophisticated surveillance solutions have revolutionized the way businesses approach safeguarding their assets, employees, and premises. 

Cloud-based cameras represent a paradigm shift from traditional closed-circuit systems, offering a dynamic and scalable approach to monitoring and safeguarding critical spaces. Their appeal lies not only in their technological prowess but also in the transformative benefits they bring to the table. Providing unparalleled accessibility, scalability, and advanced functionalities, cloud-based cameras have emerged as the cornerstone of modern enterprise security frameworks.

Rhombus R510 Cloud Bullet Camera

Highly Scalable

Don't Limit Your Companies Security

With a cloud camera system, you can link sites and cameras to one dashboard. Have unlimited cameras on each site. And no added cost for upgrading a NVR/DVR down the line.

R400 cloud camera with corner mount

Best Warranty in The Business

10 Year Warranty

With our Verkada cloud cameras, you get a 10-year warranty when you keep an active subscription. This exceeds on-prem NVR/DVR solutions by about 5 -10 years. 

Rhombus Cloud Camera for Remote Viewing

Beauty of Cloud

Remote Viewing & Monitoring

Not only can you view cameras from anywhere in the world, but you can also set up remote viewing and eliminate security